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8 Characteristics of a Good Translation Agency

In the last decade, language translation and interpreting industry has experienced huge growth, driven by globalization, Internationalization, and Localization.

As we all know, bigger opportunities result in higher competition that in turn raises the bar as far as quality and delivery standards are concerned.

  • 9 Apr 2017

Role of Translation Services in E-Commerce

With the boom in online marketing, e-commerce has become widely popular as a medium of business. Websites like Amazon, eBay et al have become household names now and people across the world are finding online purchases a convenient and cost effective mode of buying.

  • 3 May 2017
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7 Apr 2017
Posted By Ron B.

How to Easily Translate PDF Files

Having the ability to translate PDF files that are written in a foreign language can be very convenient. Most people prefer sending their file in a PDF format because of a lot of reasons. PDF files generally look more professional and are more resistant to tampering. It's an ideal way of sharing documents and presentations online. Unfortunately, some files only are not written in English that makes it difficult to be understood by those who do not speak any other language.
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1 Apr 2017
Posted By Scotty B.

Translation Tools are Essential for Professional Translations

Software for computer aided translation or software for automatic translation have become fundamental for professional translators. Regarding translation software, it is important to distinguish two types of tools. First, automatic translation software is aimed at obtaining a complete conversion from one language to another in order to represent the general meaning of a text. These translations are not very accurate because they essentially provide a word for word translation.
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10 Apr 2017
Posted By Lori D.

Website Translation

With the proliferation of automatic translation services and online translators, is there really a need for professional website translation? The truth is that while such automatic services can provide help translating a single word or a short sentence, they do not translate longer passages with any accuracy.
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3 May 2017
Posted By Wilbert G.

Language Translation Software

We speak more than one language but when it comes to putting it into words, it is a pain to type them on a wrong keyboard layout. So to bridge the gap between the language and the keyboard, there is software which can be used. It is known as Language Keyboard software. With the help of this you can type any language as you like with the keyboard that you have.
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