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February 5, 2021
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Is the Softball Bat Really That Important?

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You can see them all around the field, swinging their bats, reaching at made up targets and taking all sorts of actions to enhance their power. The strength behind the swing of the some batters is amazing. The real story, however, it is not only strength that matters. Most of the long ball hitters rely far more on the bat model.

Do you know how to select the correct bat?

The Length - To pick the correct bat length, the bat should be long enough to reach your wrist when you are standing straight and your arms on your side. Any bat that ends up with the tip of the bat touching the ground and the handle at your wrist will most likely result in the most comfortable bat length that you can pick.

The Weight - Every ballplayer has his or her own personal requirements especially when it comes to how heavy the bat is. A rule of the thumb when deciding upon the ideal bat weight is to take a few swings and try out the bat first to see how it feels. See if the batter can swing away in a comfortable fashion while managing the swing with both hands and without stress. The bat you pick should be the heaviest that the player can handle without loss of swing explosiveness. If the softball bat does not meet these demands then look for another that would be a superior fit. It doesn't make a difference if the bat picked out is the most costly or the most wonderfully crafted with the most innovative material. If the hitter has to compromise to meet the necessary requirements, good results will not follow.

Whatever the case, always chose a lighter as opposed to a heavier bat. Lighter bats can be swung faster and this results in greater ball flight. Having said that, here are additional ways to pick the best bats.

Advancement in technology has created bats that can be comfortably swung by players of all ages and build. Even lesser skilled players today can swing and hit the ball at speeds that can pose a serious problem for the defense. Technically advanced bats can also ruin the game, as players are relying more and more on these "hot" bats instead of having fun and developing their skills. For these reasons, many softball organizations started banning specific bats and also created guidelines for softball bat specifications. Some of these standards are:

The BTF has to be 1.20 certified.

The exiting speed of the ball off the bat has to be less than 97-MPH on a normally thrown pitch.

The bats must have a smooth safety grip; not just taped up.

The ideal softball bat in the hands of a good player translates to the game Americans love. Next we will discuss proper batting positions.

Ease up and remember to relax. Twist back and forth to stretch, bend up and down, do a stationary trot. Do anything you can to loosen up the muscular tissues. If you have a decent bat speed, fluidity in motion will give you the necessary power.

Use a carbon based softball bat. Carbons perform better than aluminum.

When you are batting, distribute your bodyweight evenly on both feet. Wait for the ball to transfer in between your shoulders and your navel then let it fly! Pounding the ball in that specific location will tend to result in the most pop.


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