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February 5, 2021

How Piano Lessons Benefit Children

Author: Administrator
It's a rare parent who wouldn't love their child to take piano lessons. We've all heard of child geniuses like Mozart who began playing and composing at a very tender age, and who wouldn't want their little one to have that same opportunity?

While you may be thinking about investing in a piano and lessons for your children, it's also a big expense. Most people want to be sure they are doing the right thing if they are going to spend the money and that is precisely the point of this article. Here you'll find a number of reasons piano lessons are beneficial for children.

Boost coordination: In order to make music sound like it should, children will need to have full control over where their fingers go and how they move. As the piano lessons get more complex, they will need to coordinate both hands to play a piece, something that is very useful in other areas of daily living.

Increase math skills: It's no secret that music and math are connected, but did you know that many children find it easier to tune into music, and then end up being better at math because of it? Piano lessons could easily help your child who is struggling with math in school, though this shouldn't be the only reason to take lessons.

Language and thinking skills: Music is basically a foreign language. Kids have to translate the strange marks on those bars of music and turn them into a smooth-flowing song. This can actually enhance the area of the brain that processes new languages . . . also easing the way for your little one to pick up another language like French or Spanish in the future.

Sense of pride: Too many children these days have a low self-esteem, so anything you can do to encourage them is great. When a child participates in a piano recital or graduates to the next level of piano books, his self-esteem will also improve. There's nothing better than seeing a thrilled youngster, with his eyes glowing as he recounts how he won a ribbon for his piano playing.

Develop a lifelong skill: Playing piano is much like riding a bike. When children take lessons while young, they develop musical skills that will last them a lifetime. They may not stick to the piano . . . in fact, many kids end up moving on to other musical instruments with piano as their base instrument. However, you'll be setting your child up to be successful in musical endeavors forever. Even if he doesn't become a rock star or a famous pianist, it's always good to have a skill like this where you can sit down at a party and entertain!

Enhance concentration: With kids these days being diagnosed with ADHD left and right, an activity that not only enhances concentration ability but makes it interesting and a challenge is an activity you want your kids in. Piano lessons will provide that option and while small children might start out with just 15-20 minute lessons and practice times, they will soon be able to practice for longer and longer periods of time, as their attention span lengthens. This obviously has benefits in many areas, not just on the piano.

Piano lessons are an excellent investment. Your child doesn't have to be a musical prodigy for you to get your money's worth, though you could end up surprised by his aptitude for piano. There are so many different benefits that make this a worthwhile thing to do for your children that it would be a shame to miss out on it because you don't think your little one will do well enough.


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