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February 5, 2021

Mattresses That Provide Relief for Your Back

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People who suffer from occasional back pain can obtain a great deal of relief by choosing a mattress that provides the support they need to enjoy a good night's rest. Unfortunately, there are a number of myths about what type of mattresses will take pressure off the back, and make it possible to relieve the tension that builds up in the back muscles while sleeping. If you have back pain and are thinking of purchasing a new mattress, below are a few factors to take into consideration before making any purchases.

Unless your doctor has told you otherwise, you want to focus your attention on mattresses that are firm and provide a great deal of support. One of the more common misconceptions that many people have is that a soft mattress is better for aching backs. In fact, the opposite is true. Soft mattresses provide little to no support for the back, making it easier for your spine to bend into positions that will only aggravate a back problem. In the long run, softer mattresses will mean your back pain will get worse rather than better.

If you are looking at a traditional coil mattress, you will want to make it a point to inquire about the number and the spacing of the coils within the mattress. Fewer coils translate into decreased support even when the mattress is brand new. As time goes on, the wear and tear on lower coil count mattresses will also weaken the little support that you do receive. While mattresses with fewer coils are likely to cost less, save your money until you can purchase a mattress that has roughly three hundred to four hundred coils.

Even if you do not want to get a coiled mattress, there are other options available that will still get you the proper support that you back needs. Airbeds have become especially popular over the last decade. Once considered nothing more than something good to take on a camping trip or to set up when unexpected company stays over, there are now heavy duty air mattresses that are intended for extended use.

If you are considering an air mattress, there are several features you will want to look for. Look for reinforced seams along the sides and bottom of the construction. This feature helps to minimize the chances of leakage over time. Also, consider models that are composed with a series of air channels rather than a construction that is similar to that of a beach float. Models equipped with air channels often include controls that allow you to adjust the firmness of the mattress at the touch of a button. This means you can adapt the support of the mattress to whatever your doctor recommends. Adjustable support means a more restful sleep that not only helps with back pain but also will leave you feeling more refreshed and rested as you embrace a new day.

Along with traditional coil designs and well-constructed air mattresses, there is also the waterbed option. While not as popular today as in decades past, this option can still be viable for people who suffer from recurring back pain. As with the air mattress, a waterbed mattress can be adjusted to whatever level of firmness is best for your condition. As a bonus, it is also possible to purchase models that come with temperature controls, making it possible to set a comfortable level of heat that will help to relax tight muscles.

When you are perusing waterbed mattress options, try not to forget to check the thickness of the mattress. Many of the designs today feature a thicker shell that can handle a lot of use. These thicker shells also do not require replacement as often as the older models. There is a good chance that the right waterbed mattress will last just as long as any high quality coil mattress.

Before you actually begin your search for a new mattress, spend some time determining exactly what you need. Your doctor can help you understand the amount of support that is likely to provide relief for your specific back problems and possibly offer some practical suggestions on what types of mattresses to consider. Knowing what you need will make it much easier to focus your attention on the right mattresses, and avoid wasting time looking at options that are not in your best interests.

As with any other major purchase, it is important to investigate all of your options before making a final selection. Along with evaluating what is available locally, do not hesitate to investigate online outlets for more ideas and details on different types of mattresses. There is a good chance you will find the selection online more varied than what is offered in local stores, making the chance of finding the ideal mattress greater than ever.


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