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Franklin BES2100 Spanish - English Electronic Speaking Dictionary

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Manufacturer Franklin Electronics
Brand Franklin Electronics
Model BES2100
UPC 084793999031
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11 Aug 2017
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The 3 Important Translation Methodologies

Operating on a global basis not only brings in the much needed revenue in different currencies but also provides a much wider scope in terms of products manufactured and markets reached out.

26 Jul 2017
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What Is A Certified Translation?

How do you get a translation certified? Does the translator have to be certified to obtain a certified translation? These questions and others can create problems for us in our search to get translation services.

2 Aug 2017
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What Is The Difference Between Translation And Interpretation?

Do you need a translation or an interpretation for you job? There is quite a bit of confusion about these two fields, including how they differ. Both require outstanding ability to use and understand at least two languages.

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    3 Aug 2017 Posted By Angela R.

    Role of Translation Services in E-Commerce

    With the boom in online marketing, e-commerce has become widely popular as a medium of business. Websites like Amazon, eBay et al have become household names now and people across the world are finding online purchases a convenient and cost effective mode of buying.

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